Getting your first live online psychic reading can be confusing. But if you know what to expect you will find it very informative and helpful. While getting a live psychic reading can help you understand things you don’t know about a particular person or situation it’s best not to call psychic after psychic until you hear whatever you want to hear, rather than find out what is true. Here is one of the best deals available today with the tried and tested Oranium Psychic Network.


Be advised that live online psychic readings can become somewhat addictive. And then you may find that you want to get a reading over and over again. It’s not necessary to do that, and it can bring you conflicting information so that you end up more confused than before you called. Knowing what to expect from a live reading can help you more easily get the answers that you seek.
It is important to know that all phone psychic networks are not the same. Some don’t test their online psychics for real psychic ability and some insist upon it. Larger networks are generally better. If you choose a smaller network your anonymity is probably more protected and customer service can be more responsive if the need arises.
Every psychic has their own style of online reading. Some ask for your date of birth. Some also ask for your name and the name of the person you are calling about. You may even find that you will be asked your geographic location in a reading. You may be asked what you’d like to focus on. Some online psychic readers ask all of these at the start of the reading and more.

online psychicWhile such questions may make you suspicious about the psychic ability of the online psychic, they usually really don’t reflect psychic ability at all. They are asked so that the psychic may quickly tune in on your energy and tune in on the situation you’d like to know about. There are, however, some psychics who won’t even ask what you are calling about because they already know the second you say “hello.” This psychic ability is known as “voice recognition.”
It’s best not to ask for a general reading in a live online psychic reading because you are paying per minute, and by asking for a general reading you will generally only find out that which you already know. Have your specific questions ready. This will save you time and money.

online psychics readingWhen you first call a phone psychic reader, what you can expect on the whole will depend upon the way you approach the reading, as well as the psychic’s ability to connect immediately with your energy and what you are calling about.
Most real psychic readers can connect with you within a few seconds if you approach the reading with an open mind rather than suspicion. However, those few seconds can seem like a very long time. If you understand that some amount of time is generally needed to connect with you, you will be more relaxed and more open and you will get a better result from your online psychic reading.

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